Monday, February 16, 2009

A Correction

I was reminded that it's important to point out that not all "us" Americans/Westerners are ignorant and lazy as I may perhaps have indicated in my previous post. ;) This of course is true. So, for those who are working hard to educate other people about the real situation over here and who are doing their best every day in every way they can to help the Palestinian people (and other peoples around the world), I salute you. A particular thanks to those who have helped me in my effort to learn as much as I can and to act accordingly, your efforts are appreciated and will not go to waste.

That said, I had a pretty average Valentine's Day. I got a card from my mum and an e-Card from my Aunt. It was also Philippe's birthday, so there were lots of sweets to be eaten. A girlfriend of mine bought a phone card and rang me up last night, so that lifted my spirits a little. I have to say I generally feel exhausted here. Some of the days just feel like they go on forever, which is probably for a multitude of reasons, among those being the general confusion I feel in social situations (which are myriad and endless here), as well as the general discomfort I feel about going out and walking around. As much as I would like the time to myself to take a stroll and clear my head, I get the general impression here that women do not go out by themselves. It seems I'm supposed to be at home with a couple of children. Perish the thought. In any case walking around by myself even in broad daylight generally entails being followed by groups of teenagers on bicycles, getting honked at by nearly every driver who passes me, and generally getting stared at like some kind of extinct animal which found its way back to Earth. I'm hoping this will pass.

The F16s took a break for a few days, but today they are back with a vengeance. It's really distracting. I'm just glad they tend to keep the fly-bys to the daylight hours. I don't think I could handle having to hear it all night too.

I other news I'm not having a lot of luck getting any feedback from anyone on this Womens Exchange. Father Bob tells me communication here tends to be very "vertical, but never horizontal." As in, you get told only the bare minimum of what you need to know, and usually at the last second. I must admit that in the last two weeks I have found this to be fairly true. Pending hearing back from anyone about the Exchange however I'm starting to brainstorm the program for the 12 day event, scheduled for October. I'm also starting to think up "lesson" ideas for the English courses I'm supposed to lead. I think I'm going to go more in the conversation session direction, a la the French Table at the now defunct Fantasia Cafe. My plan is to just sit and chat with the guys and correct and explain some of the English grammar constructs as we go. If anyone has any ideas, I'd love to hear them.

Until next time. Good bye and Good Luck. :)

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