Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Trial by Fire : Round Two

Well, I was treated to some dinner, some wine, and some chocolates last night by the Rev and his wife, which considerably lifted my spirits. I also managed to finally get some sleep (I slept all the way until 6 am this morning!). The sun is shining, my tummy is full of delicious pita bread and za'atar with olive oil, and I'm ready to try the city again. The Rev Bob volunteered to take me into the city with him and show me around, so I think that today will be a much less stressful experience.

As a sidenote to last night's post, I feel I should say that it really isn't dangerous or that I feel unsafe in the city. Most of the people I met were friendly and warm. I just was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and ran into the wrong bunch of kids. It was quite a shaking experience though, so having an escort today is more for my own comfort than anything. So, in short, don't worry for me!

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