Tuesday, February 3, 2009

An Update Before the Day Begins

Well, I arrived in Jerusalem (technically yesterday morning). The travel just getting here has already been an adventure. Between two misfires getting me to the airport with all my things (wallet included!) I finally made it onto my flight to Heathrow. An hour before landing though we were informed that the flight was being diverted due to snow closures at Heathrow, and we would be landing in Cardiff instead. So I have now been to Wales. (see my "Welcome to Wales?" face above)

Three and a half hours later the buses we were herded into arrived at Heathrow, where a marathon of confusion and massive line-waiting. There were what appeared to be thousands of people queued up in the departure terminal just for British Airways, trying to rebook their flights or re-check in. Finally I made it to the front of a queue and rechecked my bags, only of course to wait another six hours for my flight to board. Then our flight was delayed on the runway another two hours.

And then of course there were customs, which were a whole new level of fun.

In any case, I made it in one piece, though tired and quite hungry. I ended up sleeping a good portion of the first day, which was a mistake as it is now 4 am here, despite the fact that my computer and this blog are still running on Pacific Standard time. A gentleman from the Church took me for a walk down Nablus Rd to the Jerusalem Post Hotel and Restaurant, where I had some delicious tabouleh. I also enjoyed my first cup of Arabic coffee yesterday. It's nothing like espresso and I loved it!

In any case, my plan now is to go back to sleep, and if I can't I will take a walk following a guide that Mary gave me to see the sun rise over Jerusalem's Old City. Then I'll come back to St. George's and have some more of that coffee...


m said...

glad to hear you made it safely. I really really love arabic coffee.

JonSayer said...

What about the rock?

I hope you are doing alright over there. The pics really give the post an emotional touch.